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Re:Print/Re:Present is an on-going international research project aimed at fostering networks, discussion, exhibition and exchange centred around printmaking and print media.

The project was initiated following discussions with national and international academics and artists whose concerns centre on inter-medial approaches to printed media and the nature of reproduction and reproducibility within current art practice.

RE:PRINT Artists' Book 

Edited by Veronique Chance & Mark Graver

MarmaladePublisher of Visual Theory, London ISBN: 978-0-9933373-2-1 

Included Artists: Asim; Véronique Chance; Nerma Cridge; Kelcy Davenport; Nicholas Devison; Annis Fitzhugh; Duncan Ganley; Emily Godden; Mark Graver; James Hutchinson; Monique Jansen; Richard Kearns; Susana Gomez Larrañaga; Johanna Love; Steve Lovett; Fay Hoolahan; Meg Rahaim; Rob Smith; Mark Shaw; Jo Stockham

Published Spring 2017

Re:PRINT/Re:Present Exhibition Ruskin Gallery 2015

The project was launched with a symposium and an exhibition at the Anglia Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art in July 2015 co-curated by Dr Véronique Chance (MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking Course Leader, Cambridge School of Art) and Mark Graver (Director of Wharepuke Print Studio and Art at Wharepuke Gallery, New Zealand).

Exhibition & Symposium

Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom – July 2015


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