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Great North Way

(2009 - ongoing)


Great North Way (GNW) is a series of video works which document the main road north from the city of London.Following the various routes, the series of films can be viewed as a mapping of locations and points along the route, but also as record of the experience of the journey itself.

Part of a series of video works - Great North Way (GNW). Shot in London September 2012. The three locations are the starting points of the three main roads leading north from the City of London, at the points where the old gates would have stood: Aldersgate (north west) in St Martin le Grand, Moorgate (north) at junction of London Wall, and Bishopsgate (north east) at junction of Middlesex Street.(2012)

Other films in series include:

Four swans at the cross (GNW) (2012) 

The corner at the high manor (GNW) (2011)

From the forest to the open sky (GNW) (2009)

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