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sensingsite is a platform for researchers and artists to present work exploring issues of place, space and site across diverse media and approaches.

sensingsite explores materialities of landscape and place, the transformative potential of raw materials, multi-media performance practices, and interactive technologies that investigate the sensory nature of site.

sensingsite at Central Saint Martin's UAL

sensingsite 2017

Events and meetings.

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sensingsite at Futura House 2016

Research group at Futura House.

Interscriptions project and presentations.

sensingsite seminar and screening events 2012

Fay Hoolahan - Presentation, Screening Event

Parasol Unit, London N1

March - April 2012

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Interscriptions are series of films documenting research around the site at Futuro House, on roof of CSM Building at Granary Square, Kings Cross.

Produced and edited by Fay Hoolahan (2016).

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